S Class Asteroid Submission

Pilots and Crew Members can use this page to submit S Class asteroids for appraisal.

Once an S Class asteroid is successfully appraised, the ROIDs will be updated on the corresponding profile.

Before Submitting

Read about the categories of Class S Asteroids in the list of

Wanted Asteroids

Make sure to include as much information as possible to prove that you have found an S Class asteroid (aka completed a special task).

For authentication purposes, you will need to sign the submission with your registered Pilot or Crew Member Namada keys. You can use the latest Namada extension for signing.

Note that if appraisal is successful, the ROID points will be automatically assigned to the Pilot or Crew Member profile corresponding to the Namada account from the signature.

About Security Vulnerabilities

If you have found a Class S Asteroid in the subclass of [Security Vulnerabilities] Fill in this form as follows:

Category:Finding Security Vulnerabilities

Description: I found a security vulnerability, more information sent to security@anoma.foundation.

Evidence: I included the evidence in the email sent to security@anoma.foundation.

Sign and submit this form using your SE Namada keys and don’t forget to send an email to security@anoma.foundation with the evidence on the security vulnerability.

For more information about security vulnerabilities, please visit namada.net/security


DO NOT submit spam. Submitting spam through this page can result in your pilot and/or crew member profile being permanently banned from the Shielded Expedition. Permanently banned profiles will carry a “RIP” mark on the Nebb and will no longer be eligible for prizes.

Submit an S class asteroid

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