CB RPGF Round #1

CB RPGF Round 1

The Namada protocol could not be built without public goods and the community wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of the early Community Builders – brought together by a shared mission of using, educating, and collaborating to build technology for user data protection. Namada’s native token is not only used for proof-of-stake and governance, but also to align the incentives (opens in a new tab) of the community with the network.

The Anoma Foundation (opens in a new tab) has announced they will allocate 10,000,000 of Namada’s native token in the genesis block proposal to the selected recipients of the first Namada Community Builder RPGF Round – every active Community Builder member can be a potential recipient, dating back to the beginning of the community’s history. This includes early validators who have participated in previous testnets and have meaningfully worked to assist other validators in gaining access to, raising issues with, or triaging solutions for previous testnets.

If you’re interested in joining the Community Builders:

  1. Fill in this form (opens in a new tab)
  2. Follow @namada (opens in a new tab) on twitter
  3. Join the Namada Discord Server (opens in a new tab)
  4. Checkout the Namada CB Handbook (opens in a new tab)

Voting process

For this RPGF round, the early PGF stewards and the Community Builders will use Coordinape. Your participation in the Community Builders program means that you have a voice in what is important and impactful to Namada. The results of this voting process will inform which Community Builders will receive an allocation for their efforts and the amount. Early PGF stewards will inform the Anoma Foundation about the results so they can be included in the genesis block proposal.

How voting works

Remember, to participate in voting, you must be an active Community Builder

  1. As part of the onboarding process, CBs are added to the Community Builder Circle (CB Circle) on Coordinape by Early PGF Stewards using the ETH address submitted in the form
    • Remember: this ETH address is only used to authenticate your access to Coordinape.
  2. As soon as you’re part of the CB Circle on Coordinape, you can start logging your contributions to your profile. During this period, no voting will take place.
  3. Voting starts as soon as the 1-week Epoch begins. During this period:
    • Each CB member will receive a fixed amount of GIVE on Coordinape (aka points on the platform). This amount of GIVE is the same for every CB.
    • Note: if you haven’t submitted any work over the course of an Epoch, you’ll be pruned out of the CB circle and will not receive GIVE.
    • CBs will have 1 week to allocate their GIVE to other CB members based on their contributions.
    • In parallel, Early PGF stewards will also have 1 week allocate their GIVE to CB members.
  4. Voting weights:
    • CBs will have 40%, while Early PGF stewards will have 60% of total voting weight.
    • The amount of GIVE distributed across CBs and the Early PGF stewards will reflect these weights. Voting Weights
  5. End of Epoch and voting:
    • At the end of the epoch, the results will be published.
    • These results will determine the recipients and amounts.
    • The early PGF stewards will inform the Anoma Foundation on the final proposed recipients and respective allocations to be included in the genesis block proposal.


If you’d like to participate in the RPGF round, here are the dates to keep in mind:

  1. Those who want to be Community Builders can sign up now (opens in a new tab)
  2. Starting Thursday, Oct 19th 2023 contributions are open
  3. The contribution period will begin, totaling approximately 5 weeks through Sunday, Nov 19th 2023.
    • Accepted submissions can go back to the beginning of the community, if you have been a participant member of the community
    • Accepted submissions will also include all submissions over this 5 week period leading up to the first voting period
  4. Once this period ends, a Coordinape voting epoch will begin on Sunday, Nov 26th and will proceed for 1 week, through Monday, Dec 5th 2023 at 23:59 UTC
    • Last minute community Contributions can be submitted until Wednesday Nov 28th 2023 at 23:59 UTC, all submissions after this date can be considered for future potential RPGF rounds, but with no guarantee on the amount allocated from the pool. (These submissions will have a different date appended)
  5. Recap and results to be published shortly after. The results of this vote will be used to inform the allocation of NAM to early Community Builder participants and inform the Anoma Foundation about the final recipients and respective allocations to be included in the genesis block proposal.
  6. Recipients of this RPGF round should wait for instructions on how to generate keys before genesis.