Trusted Setup

Trusted setup

A key component of the Namada protocol is the MASP circuit, which enables the features of asset-agnostic shielded transfers and shielded set rewards. For the MASP to work, it needs two sets of parameters: the first set is phase I from Zcash’s Powers of Tau ceremony, conducted in 2018, and the second ones are the ones generated in Namada’s Trusted Setup ceremony, which was announced in November 2022 and coordinated by the Anoma Foundation with the help of devs at Heliax.

The ceremony encouraged everyone to participate, but specifically the ones who wanted to use shielded set on Namada – because participants in the ceremony only need to trust themselves to have effectively destroyed the toxic waste. The ceremony started on the 19th of November 2022 and concluded on the 21st of December 2022 with no less than 2,510 participants – making it the largest trusted setup at the time (more details in the recap).

The Namada Community grew in size and diversity, everyone who participated contributed to the security of the shielded features on Namada. Participants in the Trusted Setup were requested to generate a seed phrase – and the next step will be the instructions for claiming the rewards for participating in the ceremony.



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