Community Builder Handbook

Namada Community Builder Handbook

Note: this is an evolving docs page, check it from time to time to stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines.

Joining the Namada Community Builders (opens in a new tab)

Namada Community Builders are individuals who are aligned with Namada’s mission and vision. They actively collaborate to support and grow the Namada community. Signups are currently closed, but if you were/are interested in signing up for the program, the below information will still apply in future situations.

Taking part in the program means aligning yourself with the Namada network such that you are working toward ensuring that the protocol exists in the long-term. The aim of the program is not to have hundred of contributors, but instead to have a core contingent who are committed to the work. The RPGF program is a means through which to do so, as Community Builders are filtered out based on their level of contribution.

To become a Community Builder:

  1. Join the Namada Discord(opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) and verify yourself in the #verify-me channel
  2. Part of this process will ask you to sign up for Coordinape(opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab).
  3. You can sign up with an email or an ETH address.
    • It is up to you to decide how you add an address, but please note - this address will not receive funds, it will only be used to authenticate your access to Coordinape.
  4. Fill out the Namada Community Builder Form(opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab):
    • Paste your Coordinape ETH address into the Community Builder form in the field provided.
    • Finish filling out the form on DeForm and hit 'submit'.
  5. Once you have filled out this form, an early community Steward will review your application and offer you the 'Community Builder' role on Discord, giving you an orange account badge.
  6. This will give you access to several channels on the server listed below for Onboarding.

~~ Note that the Community Builder's program is not currently taking registration of new members - as of the end of the upcoming RPGF round, new selection will happen on a rolling basis ~~

Onboarding (opens in a new tab)

If you’re selected to join the Community Builders, an existing member of the CB will reach out and you will be onboarded to the coordination platforms:

  1. On the Namada Discord Server:
    • You’ll be assigned the “Community Builder” role
    • You’ll also be invited to the following channels:
      • #cb-onboarding
      • #cb-jamming
      • #cb-contributions
      • #cb-help
    • Once you’re in, you’ll need to get up-to-speed by:
      • Introducing yourself to the other Community Builders
      • Reading all pinned messages and linked resources
  2. On Coordinape:
    • You’ll be invited to join the Namada Community Builder circle
    • Get yourself familiar with the platform

Contributing (opens in a new tab)

Contribution Guidelines (opens in a new tab)

Content Relevance: Ensure your submissions align with Namada's values and mission, with a focus on its commitment to data rights and blockchain utility, and remember that helping others is also a kind of work. Namada seeks to make data protection cozy and accessible, not an act of fear, and the culture of our community should reflect this.

Avoid Price Speculation: Discussions involving cryptocurrency pricing or 'moon' references are not permitted. The focus should be on the impact and value proposition of Namada's technology, not on financial gains. We are not looking to increase the value of the token associated with the network, we are seeking to ensure that the network stays around in the long term.

Diverse Content Formats Accepted: Your contributions can be in the form of written work, podcasts, videos, or visual art. Choose the format that best conveys your message and utilizes your skills, more weight is given to those projects that seek to explain complex concepts about Namada in accessible ways.

Maintain Factual Accuracy: Maintain the integrity of your content by ensuring it is factually accurate. Ask other contributors, such as CB members, for fact-checking or review - by the end of this program, all CBs should know the protocol back and forward.

No Length Restrictions, but Quality is Key: Contributions can be of any length, provided they are insightful and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter - but length =/ accuracy - ensure that your contributions do the work of making the protocol MORE accessible to others in the formats you choose to use toward this kind of work.

Tracking Contributions (opens in a new tab)

For now, Community Builders can track their contributions using a combination of Discord and Coordinape. Make sure that you are encouraging others to give you kudos on the forum and/or Coordinape if you feel that they liked working with you, and keep track of all your significant contributions.

In tracking your contributions, be sure offer the following:

  1. Link to contribution (must be accessible publicly)
  2. What? Describe the nature of your contribution
  3. Why? Describe the impact of your contribution
  4. Who? Describe who helped and how
  5. What’s next? Suggest how someone could continue this work

When adding your contribution, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Individual Contributions
  2. Collaborative Contributions.

Individual Contributions (opens in a new tab)

Individual contributions should be logged in one place. It is up to you where you do this - it can either be on your contribution profile in Coordinape, or in the discord as an individual post with your name that tracks your contributions, tagged with #profile . The flow should be as follows:

  1. Generate a post within the #cb-contributions forum. Be explicit within the post description that it will be used to track your individual contributions, as well the means through which you intend to contribute (are you going to be tweeting? are you going to provide support within the server?)
  2. Tag this post with #Profile
  3. Log your contributions here in a sequential fashion.
  4. Post a link to this #profile post in Coordinape on your user profile for the circle that you are a part of.

If you choose to log all of your contributions in Coordinape, understand that others outside of the Community Builders program will not be able to see them - where when they are posted in the discord forum, anyone who has a Verified tag can come in and react to your posts.

Collaborative Contributions (opens in a new tab)

Collaborative contributions are posts that require the help of others, and/or are above a certain degree of complexity requiring review by other parties (e.g. writing a lengthy article and wanting to ensure that you are accurate in what you have written, or generating a set of videos on Namada as a network and the implications of the technology - for other suggestions see Inspiration (opens in a new tab))

The flow for submitting a Collaborative Contribution is as follows:

  1. Generate a post within the #cb-contributions forum. Provide a link to the contribution, whether in a draft state or in its final form, and add answers to the questions above. Again, be sure to articulate the impact of your contribution, if applicable with evidence for its impact.
  2. Tag the post with #blog/writing, #support, #moderation, #events, #mediaproduction (please reach out if you believe more tags should be added)
  3. Collaborate with others in this post If you are the OP of the post, be sure to invite others to work with you on the project and seek feedback on what needs to be done.
    1. If you are the OP, post a link to the collaborative contribution on your Coordinape profile
    2. If you are a contributor, post a link to your first message in collaboration with the project on Coordinape and/or ask the OP to leave a kudos on your Coordinape profile for the help they offered you.

Inspiration (opens in a new tab)

Here are some ideas for contributions.

Community Management and Outreach: (opens in a new tab)

  • Represent Namada within specific regional communities, acting as the go-to person for local initiatives (eg. meetups!) and updates, translations and more.
  • Mentor and onboard newcomers into the Namada community.
  • Actively participate in community channels like Twitter, Discord and Telegram, guiding conversations and disseminating important information.
  • Share successful methods of community engagement with other Community Builders to foster a learning environment.
  • Launch regional campaigns tailored to local culture and issues to attract a more diversified audience
  • Collaborate with local educational institutions to offer workshops, or courses about data protection in blockchain
  • Collab with Namada core contributors (Marketing in this case fyi) by conducting outreach efforts for Namada to be covered by different publications, podcasts, media etc.

Content Creation and Amplification: (opens in a new tab)

  • Create content that helps educate a broader community about Namada and the broader vision on why data protection is paramount in decentralized systems.
  • Visual media that is digestible and demonstrates an understanding of the protocol and its effect.
  • Distill the technical articles written at (opens in a new tab) into more accessible media. Namada doesn't need re-works of the articles that have already been written, but reflective pieces that speak to the effect of Namada on other networks, or on the culture of the space more broadly.
  • Engage in journalistic endeavors to create articles or interviews focused on Namada.
  • Write technical documentation or guides related to Namada's ecosystem.
  • Speak about Namada's data protection features at blockchain events, workshops, or meetups.
  • Live stream discussions, tutorials, or reviews related to Namada. (this can be Twitter Spaces / youtube / twitch / etc.)

Development and Technical Contributions: (opens in a new tab)

  • Update or improve developer documentation from (opens in a new tab)
  • Share developer updates and drive the ecosystem forward
  • Offer insights into protocol releases, providing early feedback from a community perspective
  • Create how-to guides for interacting with the protocol
  • Help onboard others into operating and interacting with the Namada protocol
  • Helping others in the various communities within Namada (e.g. being an intentionally assistive member of the Validator community)

Don’t forget that you’re not alone! Use these Discord channels for jamming on ideas, collaborating, asking for feedback or questions:

  • #cb-jamming
  • #cb-help

Kinds of contributions that are not helpful: (opens in a new tab)

  • Low-effort contributions - While creating visual media is helpful, creating a pretty image with our tagline, or stickers for different social media platforms only helps so much. If you are going to create contributions, let them be vehicles for understanding the protocol. If your entire post history is only Midjourney images with the Namada logo pasted in frame, this is considered low-effort. Take the chance to experiment! Tell a story with your images.
  • Inaccurate contributions - If you are posting material that explains the protocol, it needs to be accurate - if you are unsure you understand the technology, check with the rest of those in the Community Builders programme. The aim is that by taking part in this programme, you should know the protocol back and forward by the end of your participation.
  • Contributions that target other protocols - This is particularly egregious and would be grounds for losing CB membership. We never compare ourselves to other protocols as a means of bettering our offering, and we believe that all similar tech is working toward the same mission.

Losing CB Membership (opens in a new tab)

There will be a threshold for participation and submission quality to the RPGF program - your participation will in part resolve this through voting for other Community Builder participants such that (e.g.) the bottom 100 contributors to the program on the basis of Coordinape vote weight will be pruned to make way for new contributors. More details on the procedure around this will be shared as the date approaches.

  • Inactivity: you can lose your CB membership due to inactivity for more than 4 weeks after joining. To remain a member, make sure you contribute continuously!
  • Accumulation of Warnings: Three warnings will lead to a removal from the program. The following can lead to warnings:
    • Creating low-quality/low-effort/extremely cringe content
    • Spamming
    • Price discussions
    • Plagiarism
  • Severe Violations: Immediate expulsion for grievous offenses like doxxing, scamming, or leaking confidential information.