Namada is a
Proof-of-Stake L1
for interchain
asset-agnostic privacy

  • Zero-knowledge Proofs & MASP:

    Only the sender and recipient know anything about the transaction and all assets share one anonymity set.

  • Modern Consensus
    & Proof-of-Stake:

    Tendermint BFT consensus & advanced proof-of-stake with cubic slashing and upgraded F1 fee distribution.

  • Instant:

    Fast finality settles transactions in seconds.

  • Near-zero fees:

    Via economic mechanisms that moderate shielded transaction fees.


Layer 1
proof-of-stake blockchain

One anonymity set for all fungible and non-fungible assets

Tendermint BFT

IBC protocol support

Natively integrated
custom Ethereum bridge

Privacy is a
public good

Privacy is not a feature, it is a non-excludable,
anti-rivalrous public good

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Namada treats
privacy as a Public Good

Users that contribute to the multi-asset shielded set can earn rewards. Privacy loves company.

  • Earn rewards
  • Retrofit and maintain privacy
  • Contribute to privacy as a PG

Namada is a fractal
instance of Anoma

Namada is Anoma's first fractal instance,
a first step towards the multi-chain vision of homogeneous architecture,
heterogeneous security.

What is Anoma?