Your Gateway to the
Shielded Multichain

A New Era of Shielded
Multichain Interactions

Namada is the shielded asset hub rewarding you to protect the multichain

Modular Shielding

Namada delivers a modular shielding layer to retrofit unparalleled data protection across existing assets, decentralized applications, and even entire blockchains.

Namada’s Groundbreaking Approach Offers Users:

  • The ability to choose between transparent and shielded balances and actions
  • Rewards for strengthening the shielded set by shielding assets
  • All with state-of-the-art data protection guarantees
  1. 01

    Unified Shielded Set

    Consolidate assets fragmented across different blockchains into a single shielded asset hub. Namada’s Unified Shielded Set enables you to hold and transact a range of assets, including NFTs, with support for shielded cross‑chain interactions.

    One hub, multiple assets, with full control over what you share.

  2. 02

    Earn Rewards for Shielding your Assets

    Namada rewards you for helping protect the multichain ecosystem. By keeping your assets in the shielded set, you help strengthen Namada’s data protection guarantees, earning passive rewards in return for your valuable participation.

    Get acknowledged for enhancing network protection.

  3. 03

    Shielded Actions for Cross-Chain DeFi

    Namada's Shielded Actions enable you to engage in cross-chain decentralized finance while shielding your personally identifiable information. Your data stays safe even when interacting with transparent chains such as Ethereum, Osmosis, and Celestia.

    Remain in the shielded set and enjoy confidential and secure cross‑chain interactions.

  4. 04

    IBC Interoper­ability

    Namada's integration with the IBC protocol ensures a seamless connection across Cosmos blockchains and beyond. Users can perform efficient transactions across IBC-connected blockchains while maintaining full control over which activity they share.

    Transact with confidence and efficiency in a shielded interchain environment.

  5. 05

    Ethereum Bridge

    Namada's Ethereum bridge enables you to mint, redeem, and shield ERC20 tokens, providing a robust connection between the Ethereum ecosystem and Namada while also shielding your personal data.

    Enjoy the fluidity of cross-chain interactions with Ethereum while benefiting from shielded actions.


  • Layer 1 PoS Blockchain
  • CometBFT Consensus
  • Natively integrated trustless Ethereum bridge
  • Unified shielded set for all assets
  • Rewards for shielding assets
  • IBC Interoperability across Cosmos
  • Shielded Actions for DeFi

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