Namada is a
sovereign chain
for asset-agnostic
private transactions

  • Zero-knowledge Privacy:

    Only the sender and recipient know anything about the transaction.

  • Sovereign ledger security:

    Best-in-class Tendermint BFT consensus & proof-of-stake security with cubic slashing

  • Instant:

    Fast finality settles transactions in seconds.

  • Low-cost:

    Cost-efficient processes assure shielded transactions remain inexpensive.


Modern, sovereign
Proof-of-stake blockchain

MASP derived from
Sapling circuit

Tendermint BFT

IBC protocol support

Natively integrated
Ethereum bridge

Privacy is a
public good

Privacy should be default and inherent in the systems we use for transacting.

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Namada aligns
incentives for privacy

Users earn rewards by keeping their assets in the multi-asset shielded pool. The more users, the more privacy.

  • Earn Rewards
  • Retain privacy of your assets
  • Contribute to the overall privacy set

Namada is a fractal
instance in the Anoma ecosystem

Namada is a fractal instance in the Anoma ecosystem. In addition, it is the first fractal instance launched as part of Anoma's suite of protocols for self contained, self-sovereign coordination

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