Visual Identity

Building TheNamada Community

  1. Overview

    Namada seeks to challenge and redefine the narrative around privacy. The brand distances itself from the obscurity and negative connotations often linked to privacy such as deep dark feel of privacy caves and the dark web, hoodied figures, opting instead to frame privacy as being perfectly normal, a fundamental right, and a public good worthy of a luminous future.

  2. Namada's Personality

    • Direct
      Yet Unimposing

      Aim for clarity without coercion

    • Informative
      but not dry

      Aim for insights without monotony

    • Playful
      Yet Respectful

      Lighthearted but never frivolous

  3. Logos


    The symbol of Namada is more than a mere graphical element; it embodies the convergence of multiple assets within Namada's shielded pool, forming the distinctive letter “N”.


    Namada's wordmark has a shielded and unshielded text version, which is locked up together. This can be used as a singular element or combined with the symbol.

    Where possible we encourage the use of the animated logo which can be found in the assets pack.

    Feel free to get creative with the use of the logo but please respect its form and avoid distorting or modifying in a way that is detrimental to its existing form.

    Multiple colours and formats can be found in the pack below.

    • Symbol

      Namada Logo - Symbol
    • Wordmark

      Namada Logo - Wordmark
    • Combined Horizontal

      Namada Logo - Combined Horizontal
    • Combined Vertical

      Namada Logo - Combined Vertical
  4. Colours

    Namada colour palette

    • Namada Yellow
    • Incognito Black
    • Cybernetic Cyan
    • Wasm White

    Colour combinations

    Namada colours are the backbone in identifying the brand. Cutting through the stereotype to bring a brighter future to privacy.

    When creating content for Namada try and lead with the yellow and black but feel free to use the accent colours as needed

    Please also be mindful of clashing colour combos that are hard to read as outlined

  5. Typography

    Space Grotesk

    The right to financial privacy is not a claim to secrecy but an assertion of human dignity.


    Space Grotesk Regular All Caps




    The right to financial privacy is not a claim to secrecy but an assertion of human dignity.

    It acknowledges that our financial transactions are more than mere numbers; they are reflections of our values, choices, relationships, and, ultimately, our identity.

    To expose them indiscriminately is to lay bare the intricacies of a person's life, leaving them vulnerable and stripped of a vital dimension of their humanity.

    Financial privacy, thus, is not a relic of a bygone era but a vital principle that must be nurtured and defended.


    • Unified Shielded Set
    • Private DeFi via Shielded Actions
    • IBC Interoperability
    • Two-Way
    • Ethereum Bridge
    • Earn Rewards
    • For Shielding
    • Your Assets


    🟡 ⚫ 🟨 ⬛


    Telegram sticker example 01Telegram sticker example 02
  6. Graphic Assets

    • Dot grid

      Dot grid illustration

      Namada's dot grid visually links the Namada brand to its mother ship, Anoma. As a fractal instance within the Anoma ecosystem, Namada employs the same grid pattern, which is also used in Anoma's communications, to subtly unify the two brands.

    • Token Symbols

      Dot grid illustration

      As an extension of the namada logo symbols our core brand graphic asset is the “shielded symbols” which come together to represent shielded multi-asset nature of Namada. The primary use for this is as a supporting texture that grabs attention while highlighting the main feature of the brand

    • Illustrations & Icons

      Token projects illustration

      Namada’s signature brand assets utilize graphic illustrations that are both clean and impactful. The focus is on abstract representation rather than a literal approach, setting the brand apart with a fresh and unique visual language.

    Namada Anime

    To enhance Namada's visual language, the incorporation of anime-style characters has been adopted. This creative direction serves not only to captivate the community of builders and makers but also to offer an imaginative way to explain the technology behind Namada.

    While various artistic methods are welcomed, the following stylistic guidelines are suggested to ensure alignment with Namada's brand ethos:

    Recommended Practices:
    • Adhere to an anime-centric aesthetic
    • Incorporate yellow as the dominant color in the imagery
    • Opt for extravagant costumes
    • Strive for a diverse array of characters
    • Explore abstraction as well as real-world and fantastical elements
    • Incorporate elements that focus on privacy
    • Feel free to integrate Namada's brand symbols
    • Let your creativity run free!
    Discouraged Practices:
    • Avoid hyperreal images that deviate significantly from the anime style
    • Exercise cultural sensitivity
    • Refrain from creating content that could harm the Namada brand's reputation

    Cool Examples

    Inspiring you to create content of your own ;)

    • Inspiration example - 01
    • Inspiration example - 0
    • Inspiration example - 0
    • Inspiration example - 0
    • Inspiration example - 0
    • Inspiration example - 0

    Use all these assets as a spring board to unleash your energy and creativity to help us expand Namada's brand and vision to a broader audience