Trusted Setup

Do not trust, verify. But if you have to trust, trust only yourself.

An MPC ceremony to generate random parameters for the MASP circuit.

The trusted setup ceremony generates the public parameters for Namada's multi asset shielded pool circuit and guarantees
its security assuming at least one honest party.

Participate in the trusted setup

  1. 01 - Show participation intent

    Sign up here if you want to participate and receive updates in your mailbox.

  2. 02 - Preparation

    The details will be published on this page and sent via email.

  3. 03 - Contribute

    As soon as the ceremony starts, a ‘contribute’ button will be visible on this website.


setup requirements

  • Physical hardware

    • Desktop running at least Intel Core i5 7700HQ or similar.
    • Laptop running at least AMD Ryzen 5 2700U or similar with 2+ real cores.
  • Bandwith

    • Upload speed - 10 Mbits
    • Download speed - 30 Mbits
  • Operating system

    • Linux
    • MacOS